Get To Know Us

Andres Schonviesner founded Affirmative Judgment  in 2007. After spending many years enforcing his own judgments, Andres began helping friends and family with their court judgments. With a background as a Real Estate Broker, Lender, and Credit Report re-seller. The experience of doing these other jobs, for over 30 years, gave Andres the knowledge of how to determine the value of assets and where to find them.

collect_moneyWho Are We?

Enforcing every judgment, we accept, is the goal at Affirmative Judgment. We don’t get paid unless you do. Our staff prefers to get paid every week. They work very hard to make sure we collect what is due. Andres Schonviesner works on every case personally. We go after the debtors (and spouses) assets. Bank accounts. Employment. Real property. Stocks and Bonds. Cars. If the debtor owns it, we try and take it.

Andres Schonviesner has been on the Board of the California Association of Judgment Professionals (CAJP) since 2011. Was the Vice President in 2014, the President in 2015, and is the Immediate Past President in 2016. The CAJP is a statewide organization of judgment professionals whose purpose is the education and support of judgment professionals.

Andres Schonviesner is one of the authors of “How to Collect When You Win a Lawsuit in California”. The book is 400+ pages of step-by-step help so you can collect the money yourself and keep as much of your own money as possible. Customers can find the book and download the table of contents and first chapter (for FREE) at “www.quikknowpublishing.com”.. Use discount code “apt50” to save $ 50. The public can view our book at law libraries throughout California.


You can also reach us at Affirmative Judgment Services – 15545 Bellflower Blvd # A, Bellflower, Ca 90706 – Telephone – 562-363-5122 – Fax – 562-866-4399